Canon Law explained - A Handbook for Laymen

Canon Law explained - A Handbook for Laymen

A handbook for laymen. Msgr. Laurence J. Spiteri, JCD, PHD.

Monsignor Spitei offers to the laity ofthe Church a useful guide to help them understand and appreciate Canon Law and its relationship to their daily lives.


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Among the things you'll learn in the pages of Canon Law Explained:

  • When Church authorities must consult you (and when they are free to act on their own)
  • The Biblical justification for Diocesan Marriage Tribunals (Yes, there is one!)
  • The strict limits on the authority of priests and bishops, even within their own jurisdictions
  • Your rights - and your duties - as a Catholic (can you list any of them?)
  • The many and often curious impediments to a valid marriage (including murdering your spouse to marry someone else!)
  • The vital role of the Vicar General (Do you know who yours is and what he does?)
  • Who will choose your next bishop (and how it will be done)
  • The rule limiting absences of bishops from their dioceses (and how violators are punished)
  • USCCB, NCCB, Synods, Councils, Deaneries: what they are, what they do
  • What missionaries can do - and what Canon Law strictly forbids them to do - in winning souls for Christ
  • Your local bishop's obligations to (yes!) the entire world
  • Marriage: Did you know that Church law specifically guards everyone's natural right to it?
  • Priestless parishes: who can do what in them
  • Plus background information and explanations to show you how these rules and procedures came about and the wisdom of the Church in adopting them