Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting

Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting

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This book is a comprehensive and clear explanation of the techniques and materials needed for egg tempera panel painting, gilding, fresco and secco wall painting, written by someone with over twenty years professional experience. Although the context is the icon tradition, the techniques covered will be equally useful for any practitioner and student of these mediums. It also explains the history and theology of these sacred images.

The last two decades have seen a bourgeoning interest in icons in the west, as much outside the Orthodox Church as inside it. Icons are being commissioned by Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals and churches, as well as by individuals of many denominations. This very broad interest in icons and the attraction of the Orthodox spirituality behind the icon has greatly increased the number of people who want to learn about the art of iconography. Gloriously illustrated in colour.

Aidan Hart, a member of the Greek Orthodox Church living in Britain, has been a full-time icon painter and carver for over twenty-five years. He has works in more than twenty countries of the world and in many cathedrals and monasteries. Aidan and his growing team of artisans work in a variety of liturgical arts – carving, fresco, mosaic and liturgical furnishings as well as panel icons. He also offers consultancy, lectures, teaches and writes.